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Project Description

Project Description

The model is based on an integrated farm, using ancestral soil regeneration techniques, that frees farmers from dependency on the chemical industry, while improving food quality and soil fertility. The farm model is developed with the support of permaculture experts throughout the world who will provide guidance on land optimization.

More specifically, the project implements a specific type of regenerative technique called Biodynamic Farming. It consists more of a philosophy that aligns agriculture practices with nature’s ways (i.e. lunar calendar, …). This is a demonstration of Sudarshan’s will to conserve and restore ancestral agriculture practices with today’s youth and for the future generations to come.

In a second phase, the organic farm will evolve towards a learning center to train local farmers, women and youth to replicate this farm model, in the Saptari district of Nepal.

Impact Assessment

OpenTeam will define the key indicators at the beginning of the project. Fiber connection is also planned to be used to enable video making, to facilitate remote project monitoring and reporting. On site monitoring will be done through travels by 1 or 2 members of OpenTeam.


The roadmap will be coming soon.


The short term beneficiary of the whole program is the project himself, as the program is, before all, a remote capacity building program, that acts as a remote incubator, bringing mainly remote (and to a lesser extend physical ones) mentoring.Short term side beneficiaries are also all the community of projects who will follow Sudarshan through the very intense community engagement process that is planned to be initiated. Indeed, worldwide followers will be able to access all the documentation of Sudarshan’s work that will be made accessible online through a wiki, to share learnings and technical knowledge.

Middle time beneficiaries will be local farmers, women and youth who will replicate Sudarshan’s project and will join their forces to develop an organic food cooperative, with the support of local authorities (Sudarshan has been approached by them, as a recognition of his work and engagement). Tangible targeted impact is improved livelihood for local farmers and their family, who will generate a remunerative income out of their production, while contributing to a large regional climate change adaptation project.

Long time beneficiaries will be urban citizens (primary marketing target) who will see the organic food system structure itself and increase its capacity to meet the rising demand.


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